“I am here to help, guide and teach you how to build your path to financial freedom.“

Hello, Yes Pretty Washington is my real name and I am the brains behind Pretty Credit Consultants. I’ve worked in the financial industry for more than 10 years and I absolutely love what I do. It is my greatest passion to help people improve their lifestyles and financial portfolios. By using the fastest and the most credible route to credit restoration, I have successfully helped clients like you clean up their credit profiles with unique personalized solutions. 

I understand the shame and embarrassment of getting turned down by lenders, creditors, property owners, and even employers. But you don’t have to suffer from past mistakes. I’ve set the bar high for improving credit scores so we can successfully repair your credit profile and you won’t have to go through rejections and frustration. Ever. Again.


I’m on a mission

To empower men and women across the nation by solving their past credit problems and educate them on how to build and maintain flawless credit, so they can live The American Dream. AKA: The Pretty Credit Lifestyle. 

Your Success is My Guide

Pretty Credit’s success is measured by real results that bring financial freedom to my clients. It is my passion to help build credit profiles that attract lenders.

I Stand with a Vision

It is my vision to see a world where more people get to live life to the fullest. I only use tested and proven methods that build positive credit histories that lenders want to see on your credit report.



Pretty Credit’s credit restoration services are personalized uniquely for client’s specific credit profile.  My commitment to service isn’t just skin deep! I am here to answer all your questions and make sure you have a great credit repair experience.



No monkey business, no hidden fees, no extra charges, no unlawful or “black hat” tactics. Just compliant, purely ethical credit restoration processes. You can access your results and progress 24/7 with using Pretty Credit’s secure online portal.



Pretty Credit aims to give you superior service experience. I always strive to bring value to you from the initial appointment and after you graduate, I go above and beyond to help you achieve your financial dreams. 

Don’t know where to start?

Clarity is a great thing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions.

Pretty Credit Testimonials

I am so thankful for pretty credit. They have really helped me with my credit score. This has been an awesome experience and I’m so grateful. Pretty credit looks so great on me!!!! Thank you, Pretty Credit Consultant!!!!

Tequillia Bruster

I absolutely love working with Pretty Washington!! She is absolutely amazing! I am so blessed to have come across her company, Pretty Credit Consultants, and know that amazing results are coming my way! She is so knowledgeable about what needs to be done to help you get the results you need so that you can have the things you want and need. I am so excited about the results she is helping me get so that I can purchase a home for me and my kids in the near future! Her bubbly personality and beautiful smile make it so easy to sit down and have a conversation! With her knowledge and expertise I know that I will have the things I need to fix my past credit issues and for that I thank her! I would definitely recommend Pretty Credit Consultants to any and everyone!

Lori Hartsell

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