Personal Credit FAQ

Is credit repair legal?

Not only is credit restoration legal but it is also your right to have your credit repaired. By ethically repairing your credit, you give yourself a second chance to qualify for better credit terms and financing opportunities. Pretty Credit Consultants LLC uses every avenue available to you under the law to help you assert these rights. When you use Pretty Credit Consultants LLC to help repair your credit, we are abiding by all federal and regional laws regulating third-party credit repair assistance.

How long does it take to repair my personal credit profile?

It depends on the number of disputes we have to make. Typical credit restoration process takes between 1-6 months. Factors such as inaccuracy and data errors affect the restoration process length .

Why do I have different scores on different Credit Bureaus?

Your credit reports from different agencies may show different scores for a couple of reasons. Scores change at any time and you might have obtain your credit score from different dates from different agencies. Agencies also have different scoring models, so your scores may be a little different from the others. Also, take into consideration that errors happen on credit reports, that’s why your score shows differently. This is why periodically checking your credit reputation is important.

What affects my score?

Payment history, credit  utilization ratio, credit mix or the diversity of credit accounts, negative information and hard inquiries affect your credit profile’s reputation. Missing payments, using too much of your available credit and applying a lot of credit is a short period of time could hurt your credit score.

How do I remove negative items?

Filing bankruptcy will not remove negative information on your credit profile. It takes a process. Some strategies include submitting a dispute to the Credit Bureau, reporting unauthorized transaction (if any) or making a goodwill request for deletion to the creditor — all to which Pretty Credit can help you with.

If I pay the outstanding debt, will it remove my bad credit score?

If you pay off your existing debt, your credit score will gradually improve because you have more unused credit available. As the total debt establishes new consistent payment history, it will turn things around, improving your credit profile.

How do I start my credit repair process with Pretty Credit

Simply book an initial consultation, we will get back to you to assess your current credit reputation.

Business Credit FAQ

How long will it take to get my funding?

Given if you have established good reputation with the help of Pretty Credit, funding typically takes 4-6 weeks or sooner. For start-up businesses, it commonly takes 3-6 months as we have to establish your business credit first.

What are the benefits of building an independent business credit?

Bankers, companies, investors and lenders rely on your creditworthiness when setting for insurance premiums, credit lines or considering your biz as a viable partner; hence, a good credit reputation is an amazing advantage. .

How much credit will I secure

Get as much as $50,000 to grow your business or to fund your startup.

Start the journey of taking charge of your financial health. Let’s create a comprehensive personalized action plan to restore your credit score back into its top shape.

Figure out where you stand and learn how to make your credit pretty again. Take the action. Repair your credit by yourself for yourself. Now is the best time. 

Get a 1 to 1 consultation with me to master your way around credit education, repair, funding, management and credit recovery for your business.

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