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Start or grow your biz without heartbreaking complexities, collateral or personal credit. Me and you, we will make that happen. I will help you from the ground up and soon you will be credit worthy, with no personal credit check or guarantee.

With a Business Credit profile, you avoid the pitfall and hassle of financing your biz with your personal credit or savings. Pretty Credit will give you the tools to successfully pretty up your biz credit profile without using your SSN.

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Let’s understand your business priority, where you finances stand and your end goals.

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You will be using Pretty Credit’s secure platform where you will have access to resources.  You and me, we will build you a strong credit profile that lenders can’t say No to.

Get the funding you needed.

Qualify for up to $50,000 without the need for cash flow, collateral, or good personal credit score.  Start or grow your biz without using your personal credit or funds.

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